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Sourcing Right
from the Start

Achieving exceptional flavor requires incredible attention to detail. At Malongo, we stand apart from traditional restaurant coffee suppliers by pouring care into our production process. The result is premium-quality coffee that elevates your guest experience. To date, we’ve partnered with coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants to provide 8,000 tons of coffee from 25 countries.

We begin with the foundation of our rich flavor—our coffee beans. Hand-picked on family farms, our beans are extracted from ripe fruit, undergo wet process separation and are naturally sun-dried to deliver optimal taste. We ensure the integrity of our process by following beans closely from farm to the cup. That includes making sure our organic products are grown without pesticides and healthy for growers, consumers, and the environment.

Malongo began producing organic fair trade coffee in 1992. Since then, we’ve maintained the highest standards for our processes and products. This includes adhering to economic, social and environmental guarantees. Malongo guarantees farmers a minimum price regardless of market conditions. We also respect the democratic governance and autonomy of coffee growers associations.

Our organic fair trade coffee is backed by
reputable certifications, including:

Max Havelaar Fair Trade
AB Agriculture Biologique

Producing the Perfect Taste

Delicious coffee takes time to develop. Our beans undergo a 20-minute traditional slow roast method to achieve a medium French roast. The result is a complementary combination of aromas and flavors for blends and single-origin types. 

To further enhance quality, we practice small batch processing with no larger than 60 kg jute sacks. This approach leads to greater quality control. Each of our products are then crafted by expert hands with meticulous attention. As premiere restaurant coffee suppliers, Malongo’s finished products provide exquisite taste to impress guests.


Customize Your Coffee Program

You know your guests best. Choose the coffee products you know they’ll love. When you work with Malongo, our experts will build a turnkey coffee program to suit your specific needs. We offer ongoing technical support to provide the most value for your equipment. 

We partner with a variety of businesses, including:

  • Specialty coffee shops: Find whole coffee beans to suit your guest’s tastes. You’ll be partnered with a specialist who speaks your language. Plus, our high-volume equipment supports you with  back-to-back brewing, auto adjustments and heating technology.

  • Full-service bakeries: Choose a coffee program that is the quality equivalent of your main bakery products. Without much effort, you can rely on our first-rate equipment to achieve smooth or bold tastes that fill your shop with delightful aromas.

  • Restaurants: Satisfy your guests with a coffee menu that will rival your wine list. Trust Malongo to act like a supportive member of your restaurant staff. While we cover your coffee needs, you can focus on your main business goals.

To provide ultimate convenience for busy bussers and waiters, we offer coffee pods that make it simple to achieve the exact dose and density of grounds every time. They’re as easy as opening the pod, placing it in the slot and pressing a button — empowering even your newest employees to make great espresso. The clean, quiet process takes only 30 seconds to prep an espresso shot. Plus, the pods are individually vacuum-sealed for peak freshness. 

Support Beyond Your First Sip

Your partnership with Malongo extends beyond organic free trade coffee. Our unparalleled customer service ensures you receive the right equipment, timely installation and technical expertise to succeed. Our 380+ employees work hand-in-hand with customers like you to develop a plan for success.

We’ll support your sales with robust brand marketing efforts, empowering your business to achieve year-over-year growth. You’ll improve customer satisfaction, generate new sales and land repeat sales over time. Our team provides you with Malongo-branded materials—such as cups, signs and banners—to spread the word about your offerings.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Malongo product experts today. Whether seeking coffee shop, bakery or restaurant coffee suppliers, our experts provide a customized program experience.